Proper Care

How to treat your Jewelry:

  • * Always treat stones and my art jewelry with love, respect & care when worn or stored: Most crystals, glass, stones, and other natural objects from the earth, can be prone to marring or chipping if treated harshly. Please keep harsh chemicals away from art jewelry, do not stack other heavy items on top of Eyescream creations, and you may have to avoid extreme heat and or water with most art creations (*please read General Care & Avoidances FAQ for more info on water/heat/Chemicals).

    *** Any other questions you might have prior to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact me: I try to know what metals and stones I use, but sometimes I have had stones so long in my collection, that their name eludes me. If you have some earlier Eyescream creations, and wish to know how best to clean or care for your pieces, drop me a line at the contact link in navigation. ***

General Care & Avoidance:

  • * While most pieces may be water resistant, they may not be waterproof: So submerging some creations in water for extended periods may not be good on a stone, metal or creation. Avoid showering in pieces and if you get an item wet, please pat dry prior to storing. Any pendants on a cotton slide knot cord, or other type of cording, should NOT be worn in the shower. Cotton cord is basically fabric and will break down fast, discolor, or get gunky with multiple showers, and products like soaps, shampoo, lotions etc, being soaked into the cord each washing, and eventually the cord Will fall apart (you don't necessarily wear your undergarments in the shower each washing? So, why would you wear cord that is even thinner/smaller than a garment, into a shower or pool/lake etc)?

    * Keep All harsh chemicals away: Keep chemicals away from your Resin/Shrink Art, and painted/enameled pieces (ie: rubbing alcohol, hair spray, aerosols, nail polish remover etc) as aerosols can attach themselves to the surface of resin/shrink art and other chemicals might remove any painting/enamel or coloring added.

    * Extreme heat can be brutal on some creations as well (ie: do not leave on or near a heater, Resin sealed, painted / colored, shrink art work should Definitely avoid being exposed to extreme heat or stored in direct sunlight for extended periods. Sun/heat can damage resin/shrink art. Wearing on a sunny day may be fine for a little while, but wearing a resin/shrink art piece in the sun for hours of direct sunlight, may be bad. Signs you may have gotten heat/sun damage, if you see the art piece start to look cloudy. You will know if you got direct extreme heat if the piece warps in any way (ie: you put a piece on and then decide to blow dry your hair, and for some reason the blower blew heat directly on the art piece). Which is why it is always best to put your jewelry on last After your hair is done and your make-up is applied.

Avoidance *Specific Lines:

  • The Following Eyescream lines and creations with the following techniques or materials, you should definitely avoid showers or submerging in water for extended periods:

    * Copper Alchemy, Sorcery Collection (molten metal), sealed Resin, Shrink art creations, paintings, Artifacts Macabre, bone creations, scrimshaw, enameled, opals, etc. For General safety of your jewelry, you should take off all jewelry prior to swimming or showering, and should avoid storing items in the open in a moist room. Some items may be fine for light hand washing, light gentle cleaning. If ever a question, please contact me with either a link to the piece in question, or a description of a piece you purchased from me prior (a photo may be requested at time of request for reference).


  • * It may be best to store any items with any amount of silver content and or base metals, in a box, sealed pouch, or ziplock and away from air: This will potentially help metal from oxidizing as fast, especially if you prefer your silver or metal in a brighter tone/finish) because silver oxidizes in air & other metals like copper and brass age, shift colors or change hues over time when exposed to the environment, air and your body oils. Do the same with copper & brass, unless you like those metals to age and shift with time (*shifting metal colors on base metal, could include darkening, splotches of colors, verdigris tones dependent on moisture/chemicals and metal involved etc). Please do not store or display base metals in a room with loads of moisture without knowing what may occur. Depending on the metal, moisture can wreak havoc over time on base metals.

    *** Further note on Sterling Silver creations: Silver will oxidize/tarnish when exposed to air for extended periods. This may be desired by some, as it may create some character to pieces that have loads of raised details. Once you begin to wear a Sterling tarnished / oxidized piece, your natural oils will wear away any tarnish on the surface and leave oxidization in the cracks and folds, thus possibly placing emphasis on some designs.

General Cleaning:

  • * Please be gentle when cleaning: (use no harsh chemicals as they could harm certain stones, pearls, fossils, bones, metals, resin, enamel etc). For light cleaning (varies per creation), use a soft cloth or polishing cloth for some metal and stones. **Special Note: If you use a chemical polishing cloth, you may take away any chemical patina that has been added to a design. For deeper cleaning of crusty items, gently/lightly scrub with a soft toothbrush and water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Avoid attempting to clean the opals or turquoise I may use, as most of these pieces are natural and not chemically stabilized, therefore scrubbing is out of the question. If ever a question about cleaning a creation, you can always message me with an image of your piece & title or name, and I may be able to tell you what might be appropriate to clean it. DO NOT attempt to clean any Resin/enamel work, bone, or painted art creations directly.

Cleaning "Sorcery Collection" Creations:

  • **** SORCERY COLLECTION CLEANING OPTION: * I will polish the metal on pendants and or re-antique & wax seal creations within the 'Sorcery Collection'/ (Molten Metal Sculpted necklaces, pendants, earrings & rings). There is no fee for this service, except the price to ship your item both ways, *(sorry, for US customers only)*.

    * If you are in the Oakland / Bay Area, you can also schedule to drop off your piece for this free service instead and then pick up once the item is ready, or I could do it while you wait. Please note, this is not to repair any creations or stones (repair work is by a case by case basis and may involve a fee), this is to polish or buff pendant metal and or patina and wax seal a 'Sorcery Collection' creation only, and are for these items in the collection that you have had for a while and may want your creation antiqued or polished up to a bright shine again.

    ***I offer this free cleaning service on my Sorcery Collection creations, for the sculpted metal portion of a pendant, S.C. Ring, S.C. earrings or other Sorcery Collection creation, but not including stone, chain, or other components (ie added filigree embellishments, other metal attachments etc) outside of the molten metal design, (although I may wipe down chains and or stones, I would not be polishing stones/chains that may be worn down by constant wear/time). If you desire your Sorcery Collection talisman to be re-antiqued, or polished/buffed to a bright shine, because your metal may have shifted colors over time and dependent on the care taken on the piece, you can request I spiffy up your piece for you again. While I am happy to do this service for free (Sorcery Collection line only), if you have other creations in other lines that you would like me to see if I can spiffy up, there may be a slight fee for this service (case by case basis, and with prior verbal or written notice and including photos sent to me to assess what might be required).

    * Please note: I cannot re-plate any base metals chains, findings, stampings etc. that are plated (ie: gunmetal, antiqued brass/bronze/copper/silver plate etc). I do not have the facilities for such work. I do offer chains you could purchase if you need a fresh chain, and if you desire that I attach your pendant or creation to a chain, I do not charge to attach pieces to new chains (only the cost of the chain you desire, and you would need to pay shipping both ways).

    *** Special Note, Stainless Steel chains should not shift color over time. ***

    *** PRO-TIP:To keep your metals, chains, and Eyescream creations the Freshest they can be, always store in an enclosed pouch, baggie or box and away from air (to prevent unwanted oxidization), direct sunlight/heat (for some special art creations) & moisture. Just note, if you constantly wear a plated piece or plated chain daily, the plating will wear off, it is just a matter of time, oils and environment.

    * Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged/repaired/cleaned product to reach you, may vary.


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