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Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Eye Talisman necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Steampunk faery necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Sterling Garnet window ring
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry PMC Skull Pendant Sorcery Collection
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Egyptian scarab steampunk necklace
The Eyescream Online Shop 'Gallery of Decadence' is under construction... The following collections are now LIVE:
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Telegraph Shop in Oakland
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry shop Oakland TelegraphAve
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Oakland Telegraph Storefront
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Bat Eye Scroll Gothic Necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Day Of the Dead Memento Mori Skull Pendant
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Shop Dragonfly Necklace Bone Spiral Hoop Earrings
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Black Triple Raven Necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Cthulhu Grumpy Cat Pendant
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Eye Blue Circus Bat Necklace bat jewelry
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Eye Talisman witchy ritual occult jewelry
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Witchy jewelry labradorite rings
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Scarab Necklace
Eyescream electroformed jewelry skullring Witchy jewelry Quartz pendant
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Gothic Jewelry Scroll Branch Ornate Frame

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Eyescream @ 3816 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland Ca. 94609 and is open Tues-Sat. Noon-5pm (& occasional Sundays & events). 

What you will find at the shop:
- Handmade jewelry and art
- unique gifts
- stones, beads & more

For Custom Work, call or email for an appointment, my studio is right in the shop where we can design something together.  The shop will showcase local artists & host trunk shows, as well as offer jewelry making classes in the future.  More to come. ~X~

*Special Note: If sidewalk sign is not out yet main window curtains are open, then the shop is open.  Also, since this is a Shop & Artists Studio Gallery, the actual gate is always in a closed position, except on some Saturday's. So please buzz to be let in. Thanks. 

If you would like a custom order appointment, please contact me to set up a date and time. Please note, I do not answer the shop phone before Noon. So it is best to call within normal business hours Tue-Sat. Noon-5pm.

A big dream realized in the Grand Opening of my first physical location.  At the nd of May 2015 we celebrated the Eyescream shop one year Anniversary. Here is to more years to come.  As a side note, the EyescreamJewelry domain has been "Officially" online for 15yrs. WOW! ~X~
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Eyescream Gothic Jewelry website Updates
Wed. August 12th, 2015
I am working on getting all the new galleries listed. This is an ongoing project obviously, but the site was due for a major change, since my physical storefront has taken up so much of my time, it is now time to focus on the website. Thanks SO much for your continued support and patience. Please check back Very soon. More to come...

To view new creations I am working on, please visit @eyescream_jewelry on Instagram or FB to get a sneak peek.

'The Sorcery Collection'
'Steampunk Nouveau'
'Tribal Stones'
'Vintage Key Pendants'
'Rings Sorcery Collection'
'Rings Dark Art'
'Rings Wire Wrapped'
'Scrimshaw & Bone Jewelry'
'Silver Alchemy'